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Achievements are extra goals that you can accomplish while playing Huntera. This list offers you an overview of all common achievements that can be reached in Huntera. However, there are also a number of secret achievements which you have to discover yourself. Show off your five most impressive achievements on your character page.

Compare yourself with other characters of your game world in the "Highscores". Achievements yield a certain number of points depending on their grade of difficulty:

  • Grade 1: 1-3 points
  • Grade 2: 4-6 points
  • Grade 3: 7-9 points
  • Grade 4:  10 points

Grade 1 Achievements
Tibia Achievement
Afraid of no Ghost!
You passed their test and helped the Spirithunters testing equipment, researching the supernatural and catching ghosts - it s you they re gonna call.
Allow Cookies?
With a perfectly harmless smile you fooled all of those wisecrackers into eating your exploding cookies. Consider a boy or girl scout outfit next time to make the trick even better.
Amateur Actor
You helped bringing Princess Buttercup, Doctor Dumbness and Lucky the Wonder Dog to life - and will probably dream of them tonight, since you memorised your lines perfectly. What a .. special piece of.. screenplay.
Animal Activist
You have a soft spot for little, weak animals, and you do everything in your power to protect them - even if you probably eat dragons for breakfast.
You ve shattered each of Bloodweb s eight frozen legs. As they say: break a leg, and then some more.
Delivering letters and parcels has always been a secret passion of yours, and now you can officially put on your blue hat, blow your post horn and do what you like to do most. Beware of dogs!
Back from the Dead
You overcame the undead Zanakeph and sent him back into the darkness that spawned him.
Back into the Abyss
You ve cut off a whole lot of tentacles today. Thul was driven back to where he belongs.
Bane of the Hive
Countless fights and never tiring effort in the war against the hive grant you the experience to finish your outfit with the last remaining part. Your chitin outfit is a testament of your skills and dedication for the cause.
Beach Tamer
You re-enacted the Taming of the Shrew on a beach setting and proved that you can handle capricious girls quite well. With or without fish tails.
Hunter s greeting! Your skillful use of the slingshot actually stunned a large bear. The creature is slightly dazed, but seems susceptible to your commands. Let s declare open season on all our foes!
Warm, furry and cuddly - though that same bear you just hugged would probably rip you into pieces if he had been conscious, he reminded you of that old teddy bear which always slept in your bed when you were still small.
Beautiful Agony
Ethershreck s cry of agony kept ringing in your ear for hours after he had dissolved into thin air. He probably moved to another plane of existence... for a while.
Becoming a Bigfoot
You did it! You convinced the reclusive gnomes to accept you as one of their Bigfoots. Now you are ready to help them. With big feet big missions seen to come.
Beneath the Sea
Not really twenty thousand miles, but you had to dive a fair way beneath the sea to find your personal Manta Ray.
RAWR! Strength running through your body, your heart racing faster and adrenaline fuelling your every weapon swing. All in a little bottle. No refund for destroyed furniture. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer.
Well, you can rest your nailcase now. This gravedigger s fingernails are nice and clean. Though after the next hellride, you might not want to let it hand any food to you.
You travelled the world for an almost meaningless prayer - but at least you don t have to do that again and can get a new blessed stake in the blink of an eye.
Blood-Red Snapper
You ve tainted the jungle floor with the Snapper s crimson blood.
Bone Brother
You ve joined the undead bone brothers - making death your enemy and your weapon as well. Devouring what s weak and leaving space for what s strong is your primary goal.
Breaking the Ice
You almost made friends with Shardhead... before he died. Poor guy only seems to attract violence with his frosty attitude.
Call Me Sparky
Admittedly you enjoyed the killing as usual. But the part with the sparks still gives you shivers ... or is it that there is some charge left on you?
Cartography 101
You succeeded in finding and charting several previously unexplored landmarks and locations for the Adventurer s Guild, you probably never need to ask anyone for the way - do you?
Cave Completionist
You helped the gnomes of the Spike in securing the caves and explored enough of the lightless depths to earn you a complete cave explorer s outfit. Well done!
Chequered Teddy
Don t let its fluffy appearance deceive you. The panda is a creature of the wild. It will take you to the most distant regions of Tibia, always in hopes of a little bamboo to nibble on or to check on a possible mate.
Chest Robber
You ve discovered three nomad camps and stole their supplies. Well, you can probably use them better than they can.
Choking on Her Venom
The Old Widow fell prey to your supreme hunting skills.
Lalalala... you now know the cult s hymn sung in Liberty Bay by heart. Not that hard, considering that it mainly consists of two notes and repetitive lyrics.
The destruction you have caused by now can be felt throughout the whole hive. The mayhem that follows your step caused significant confusion in the consciousness of the hive.
Crawling Death
You ripped the ancient scarab Fleshcrawler apart and made sure he didn t get under your skin.
Crystal Clear
If the gnomes had told you that crystal armor is see-through you probably would have changed your underwear in time.
Crystal Keeper
So you repaired the light of some crystals for those gnomes. What s next? Sitting a week in a mushroom bed as a temporary mushroom?
Crystals in Love
You brought two loving crystals together. Perhaps they might even name one of their children after you. To bad you forgot to leave your calling card.
In the war against the hive, your efforts in blinding it begin to pay off. Your actions have blinded the hive severely and the entity seems to become aware that something dangerous is happening.
Death Song
You hushed the songs of war in the black depths by silencing more than three hundred Deepling Spellsingers.
Demonic Barkeeper
Thick, red - shaken, not stirred - and with a straw in it: that s the way you prefer your demon blood. Served with an onion ring, the subtle metallic aftertaste is almost not noticeable. Beneficial effects on health or mana are welcome.
Depth Dwellers
By eliminating at least three hundred Deepling Warriors you delivered quite a blow to the amassing armies of the deep.
Desert Fisher
You managed to catch a fish in a surrounding that usually doesn t even carry water. Everything is subject to change, probably...
Dog Sitter
You showed Noodles the way home. How long will it take this time until he s on the loose again? That dog must be really bored in the throne room by now.
Down the Drain
You ve found a secret dungeon in the flooded plains and killed several of its inhabitants. And now you have wet feet.
Dragon Mimicry
It s not really a dragon, but rather a kind of chimera. Nonetheless a decent mount to impress any passer-by.
Dream Wright
You have mended many a broken dream and so, the dream of Roshamuul is safely being told over and over again.
Dream s Over
No more fear and bad dreams. You stabbed Tormentor to death with its scythe leg.
Efreet Ally
Even though the Efreet welcomed you only reluctantly and viewed you as "only a human" for quite some time, you managed to impress Malor and gained his respect and trade options with the green djinns.
Elementary, My Dear
Through the spirit of science and exploration, you have discovered how to enter the secret hideout of the renowned Dr Merlay.
Ending the Horror
You have cleansed the lands of many retching horrors. You sure know how to end a bad dream: forcefully, that s how!
Enter zze Draken!
You gave zzze draken a tazte of your finizzzing move.
Fabled Construction
Finding all the pieces to this complicated vehicle was one kind of a challenge. However, what you built in the end is rather a fabled than a feeble construction.
Fata Morgana
There are many delusions and phantasms in the desert. You saw a false oasis with fruit-bearing palm trees. Instead of water and refreshment, however, you found a dromedary in the end. What a useful Fata Morgana!
Fire from the Earth
You ve survived the Hellgorge eruption and found a way through the flames and lava. You ve even managed to kill a few fireborn on the way.
Fool at Heart
And remember: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.
Fried Shrimp
This must be underwater love - this enormous crustacean now does thy bidding. Or maybe it s just in it for a little more of that shrimp barbecue, as that s a little hard to come by in the sea.
Friend of Elves
Kingly deers mostly prefer elves as friends and familiars. This one, however, decided to favour you as a confidant and rider. Well done!
Finally your dream to become a walking mushroom has come true ... No, wait a minute!
By killing creatures of the hive and gaining weapons for further missions, you started a quite effective way of war. You gathered a lot of dissolved chitin to resupply the war effort.
Gear Up
Installing that control unit was a no-brainer. Now you re in control to make it walk this way or that, or to change tack at any moment if required. Your faithful walker mount obeys your every command.
You don t hunt them, you talk to them. You know that ghosts might keep secrets that have been long lost among the living, and you re skilled at talking them into revealing them to you.
Gnome Friend
The gnomes are warming up to you. One or two of them might actually bother to remember your name. You re allowed to access their gnomebase alpha. You are prepared to boldly put your big feet into areas few humans have walked before.
Gnome Little Helper
You think the gnomes start to like you. A little step for a Bigfoot but a big step for humanity.
You have become a household name in gnomish society! Your name is mentioned by gnomes more than once. Of course usually by gnomish mothers whose children refuse to eat their mushroom soup, but you are certainly making some tremendous progress.
Gnomish Art Of War
You have unleashed your inner gnome and slain some of the most fearsome threats that gnomekind has ever faced. Now you can come and go to the warzones as it pleases you. The enemies of gnomekind will never be safe again.
Golden Sands
Counting ten thousand grains of sand could not have been harder than gaining this impressive mount.
Assisting Omrabas sick plan to resurrect made you dig your way through the blood-soaked halls of Drefia. Maybe better he failed!
You wiped out Orcus the Cruel in the Arena of Svargrond. You re still a bit green behind the ears, but there s some great potential.
Grinding Again
Burnt fingers and itching lungs are a small price for bringing those gnomes some lousy stone and getting almost killed! Your mother warned you to better become a farmer.
Guard Killer
You have proven that you can beat the best of the hive. You have caused first promising breaches in the defence of the hive.
Guinea Pig
True scientists know their equipment. Testing new inventions is essential daily work for any hard working researcher. You showed no fear and took all the new equipment from Spectulus and Sinclair for a spin.
Even in the deepest structures of the hive, you began to strike against the mighty foe. Your actions probably already gave the hive a headache.
Never-tiring, you attack the inner organs of the mighty hive. Your attacks on the hive s digestion system begin to cause some trouble.
You have grown accustomed to frequenting the hive s stomach system. Your actions have caused the hive some first digestion problems.
Hidden Powers
You ve discovered the Ancients hidden powers - from now on, they will aid you in your adventures.
Hissing Downfall
You ve vanquished the Noxious Spawn and his serpentine heart.
Hive Fighter
You have participated that much in the hive war, that you are able to create some makeshift armor from the remains of dead hive born that can be found in the major hive, to show off your skill.
Hive Infiltrator
The most powerful warriors of the hive were killed by you by the dozens. The hive is not safe anymore because of your actions.
Hive War Veteran
Your invaluable experience in fighting the hive allows you to add another piece of armor to your chitin outfit to prove your dedication for the cause.
Honest Finder
You ve stopped the bank robber and returned the bag full of gold. Good to know there are still lawful Tibians like you around.
Honorary Barbarian
You ve hugged bears, pushed mammoths and proved your drinking skills. And even though you have a slight hangover, a partially fractured rib and some greasy hair on your tongue, you re quite proud to call yourself a honorary barbarian from now on.
Howly Silence
You muted the everlasting howling of Hemming.
You re familiar with hunting tasks and have carried out quite a few already. A bright career as hunter for the Paw & Fur society lies ahead!
I Need a Hug
You and your stuffed furry friends are inseparable, and you re not ashamed to take them to bed with you - who knows when you will wake up in the middle of the night in dire need of a cuddle?
Ice Harvester
You witnessed the thawing of Svargrond and harvested rare seeds from some strange icy plants. They must be good for something.
Icy Glare
Here s looking at you, kid. This ancient creature seems to size you up with its brilliant eyes and barely tolerates you riding it. Maybe it thinks you re the defrosted snack, after all?
Just Cracked Me Up!
Stonecracker s head was much softer than the stones he threw at you.
Just in Time
You re a fast runner and are good at delivering wares which are bound to decay just in the nick of time, even if you can t use any means of transportation or if your hands get cold or smelly in the process.
No joke, you murdered the bat.
King of the Ring
Bretzecutioner s body just got slammed away. You are a true king of the ring!
King Tibianus Fan
You re not sure what it is, but you feel drawn to royalty. Your knees are always a bit grazed from crawling around in front of thrones and you love hanging out in castles. Maybe you should consider applying as a guard?
Knock on Wood
It s a wound-up wooden lizard! Well, stranger things have happened, or so you re told. Just hop on and let this wood-and-tin contraption take you anywhere you want to wind down a bit. And hope you don t get hit by lightning underway.
Lion King
By mastering the secrets of Lions Rock, you proved yourself worthy to face the mighty lions there. One of them even chose to accompany you.
Little Ball of Wool
You found a lost sheep and thus a steady source of black wool. But careful: don t get entangled.
Lovely Dots
Finding a four-leaved clover is always a sign of luck. And as luck would have it, you even baited a lovely dotted ladybug. Lucky you!
Loyal Lad
Having a loyal friend alongside is comforting to every adventurer. If only this lad were not so stubborn ...
Lucid Dreamer
Dreams - are your reality? Strange visions, ticking clocks, going to bed and waking up somewhere completely else - that was some trip, but you re almost sure you actually did enjoy it.
Lucky Horseshoe
Sweets for my steed could be your motto. An impressive horse is eating out of your hand. Saddle up and be ready to find adventure, new friends, and maybe someone to shoe your horse now and then.
Luminous Kitty
You made some efforts to bring a little more light into the world. And what a nice present you got in return!
Luring Silence
What a scientific discovery - they really DO communicate! Using their own communication habits against them, you lured a large pack of silencers away from the walls of Roshamuul.
This magnetic beast attracted you in a very literal way. Or was it attracted by your metal equipment? Anyway, you seem to be stuck together now.
Marid Ally
You ve proven to be a valuable ally to the Marid, and Gabel welcomed you to trade with Haroun and Nah bob whenever you want to. Though the Djinn war has still not ended, the Marid can t fail with you on their side.
You feel you could solve the hardest riddles within a minute or so. Plus, there s a nice boost on your spell damage. All in a little bottle. Aftereffects - feeling slightly stupid. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer.
You don t believe in romance to be a coincidence or in love at first sight. In fact - love potions, bouquets of flowers and cheesy poems do the trick much better. Keep those hormones flowing!
Sometimes the biggest secrets of life can have a simple solution.
Meat Skewer
You ve impaled the big mammoth Bloodtusk with his own tusks.
Merry Adventures
You went into the forest, met Rottin Wood and the Married Men and helped them out in their camp. Oh, and don t worry about those merchants. They won t dare mentioning the strangely large sums of gold they actually possessed which are missing now.
Mind the Dog!
Barking dogs never bite, as the saying goes. But this one clearly tried. In the end, however, you were able to walk the dog - ahem, gnarlhound.
Mind the Step!
You ve got a mind ready to draw strange conclusions that defy the laws of logic and sidestep reality. Or maybe it s just a lucky guess - or adventurous recklessness?
Minor Disturbance
Your actions start to make a difference. You have blinded the antennae of the hive often enough to become an annoyance to it.
You cleansed the land from an eight legged nuisance by defeating Mamma Longlegs three times. She won t be back soon... or will she?
Never Surrender
You did not show any signs of surrender to any sight of... you get the picture. Even a hundred of them did not pose a threat to you.
Nightmare Knight
You follow the path of dreams and that of responsibility without self-centred power. Free from greed and selfishness, you help others without expecting a reward.
No More Hiding
You ve found a well-hidden spider queen and caught her off guard in the middle of her meal.
Number of the Beast
Six. Six. Six.
Ogre Chef
You didn t manage to become an ogre chief. But at least you are, beyond doubt, a worthy ogre chef.
One Foot Vs. Many
One Bigfoot won over thousands of tiny feet. Perhaps the gnomes are wrong and size matters?
One Less
The Many is no more, but how many more are there? One can never know.
Out of the Stone Age
What a blast from the past! This thankful patient thinks you missed your dentist vocation. It s now ready to take a bite of the future and to carry you to your next adventure, or your next patient.
Passionate Kisser
For you, a kiss is more than a simple touch of lips. You kiss maidens and deadbeats alike with unmatched affection and faced death and rebirth through the kiss of the banshee queen. Lucky are those who get to share such an intimate moment with you!
Pecking Order
Ah, the old carrot-on-a-stick trick. Well done! You ve made the racing bird accept you as a rider and provider. Just don t feed it your fingers.
Perfect Fool
You love playing jokes on others and tricking them into looking a little silly. Wagging tongues say that the moment of realisation in your victims eyes is the reward you feed on, but you re probably just kidding and having fun with them... right??
Personal Nightmare
It might come as a shock to you, but this is the mount of your dreams. Not exactly the white steed of Prince Charming, but maybe the ladies will still scream and faint at the sight of you.
Piece of Cake
Life can be so easy with the right cake at the right time - and you mastered baking many different ones, so you should be prepared for almost everything life decides to throw at you.
Whoa, sow long! This boar is like a force of nature, breaking through the undergrowth of all the Tibian forests and all records of speed. Hang on!
You are getting more and more experienced in destroying the supply of the enemy s forces. Your actions caused the hive some severe skin problems.
The hive has to be fought with might and main, hampering its soldiers is only the first step. You diligently stopped the pores of the hive to spread its warriors.
You are a man of the public. Or of good publicity at least. Through your efforts in advertising the airtight cloth, Zeronex might yet be redeemed - and Rathleton might yet see its first working Gloud Ship.
Rathleton Citizen
By having rendered numerous services to the city of Rathleton you have been promoted to the rank of a Citizen.
Rathleton Commoner
By having rendered numerous services to the city of Rathleton you have been promoted to the rank of a Commoner.
Rathleton Inhabitant
By having rendered numerous services to the city of Rathleton you have been promoted to the rank of a Inhabitant.
Rathleton Squire
By having rendered numerous services to the city of Rathleton you have been promoted to the rank of a Squire.
Recognised Trader
You re a talented merchant who s able to handle wares with care, finds good offers and digs up rares every now and then. Never late to complete an order, you re a reliable trader - at least in Rashid s eyes.
Rift Warrior
You went through hell. Seven times. You defeated the demons. Countless times. You put an end to Ferumbras claims to ascendancy. Once and for all.
Up and down and up and down... and then the big looping! Wait - they don t build loopings in Kazordoon. But ore wagon rides are still fun!
Rootless Behaviour
You ve descended into the swampy depths of Deathbine s lair and made quick work of it.
Scales and Tail
The Muggy Plains are a dangerous place, often raided by dragons. But that was your luck: thus you found this scaly little guy.
Scorched Flames
A mighty blaze went out today. It s Flameborn s turn to wait for his rebirth in the eternal cycle of life and death.
You put out the Spirit of Fire s flames in the arena of Svargrond. Arena fights are for you - fair, square, with simple rules and one-on-one battles.
Sea Scout
Not even the hostile underwater environment stops you from doing your duty for the Explorer Society. Scouting the Quara realm is a piece of cake for you.
Seasoned Adventurer
Adventure is your middle name. You spent much time in dangerous lands and have seen things others only dream of. You know your way around in Tibia - you are a seasoned adventurer now. And your journey has only just begun!
Secret Agent
Pack your spy gear and get ready for some dangerous missions in service of a secret agency. You ve shown you want to - but can you really do it? Time will tell.
Improved eyesight, arrows and bolts flying at the speed of light and pinning your enemies with extra damage. All in a little bottle. No consumption of carrots required. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer.
Si, Ariki!
You ve found the oriental traveller Yasir and were able to trade with him - even if you didn t really understand his language.
You know your way, in dream and waking. And how to make tea that transcends the boundaries of conscience.
Slim Chance
Okay, let s face it - as long as you believe it could potentially lead you to the biggest treasure ever, you won t let go of that map, however fishy it might look. There must be a secret behind all of this!
Slugging Around
Drugging a snail can have some beneficial side effects. You re now the proud owner of a snarling, speed-crazy slug. Maybe it ll purr if you stroke it. Anyway, life should be one slick ride from now on.
Snake Charmer
By restoring the Everhungry Altar, you charmed the Fire-Feathered Sea Serpent back into its fitful sleep, twenty miles beneath the sea.
Something Smells
You ve extinguished the Sulphur Scuttler s gas clouds and made the air in his cave a little better... at least for a while.
Spareribs for Dinner
Ribstride is striding no more. He had quite a few ribs to spare though.
Seems like this spider s got a sweet tooth. As a result, eight hairy legs are now at your disposal to crawl and weave at your whim, and strike fear into the hearts of men.
Spore Hunter
After hunting for the correct mushrooms and their spores you re starting to feel like a mushroom yourself. A few times more and you might start thinking like a mushroom, who knows?
Starless Night
By many it is considered a myth like the Yeti. But you came, saw and tamed it. Now you re the proud rider of a midnight panther, black as a starless night.
Stepped on a Big Toe
This time you knocked out the big one.
A drop of oil and you re good to go. This unique mount will roll merrily in and out of any strange place you want to visit. If you see no exit, you probably ended up in a circus ring. Ah well, the show must go on!
Substitute Tinker
Ring-a-ding! You have visited the golem workshop and lent a hand in repairing them. To know those golems are safe is worth all the bruises, isn t it?
The need for supplies often decides over loss or victory. Your tireless efforts to resupply the resources keeps the war against the hive going.
Swamp Beast
By cleverly using a leech to cool that raging bull s blood, you managed not to get swamped or trampled in a water buffalo stampede. The creature is now docile and follows your every command.
Talented Dancer
You re a lord or lady of the dance - and not afraid to use your skills to impress tribal gods. One step to the left, one jump to the right, twist and shout!
The Call of the Wild
You opposed man-eating ogres and clumys clomps. You grappled with hungry chieftains, desperate goblins and angry spirits. So you truly overcame the wild vastness of Krailos.
The Drowned Sea God
As the killer of Leviathan, the giant sea serpent, his underwater kingdom is now under your reign.
The Gates of Hell
It seems the gates to the underworld have to remain unprotected for a while. Kerberos, the mighty hellhound, lost his head. All three of them.
The Milkman
Who s the milkman? You are!
The Picky Pig
The gnomes decided their pigs need some exclusive diet and you had to do all the dirty work - but wasn t the piglet adorable?
The Professor s Nut
He seriously stored away a wallnut? That was a nutty professor indeed.
The Right Tone
By setting the right tone you convinced a crystal wolf to accompany you. Remember it is made of crystal, though, so be careful in a banshee s presence.
The Serpent s Bride
You made a knot with Gorgo s living curls and took her scalp. You couldn t save her countless petrified victims, but at least you didn t become one.
It s unstoppable! Walls? Fortresses? Obstacles? Objections? Pah! Nothing will stand before the stampor. Arrows and spears bounce off its hide, enemies are trampled by the dozen. Just don t go for the subtle approach or a date on this thing.
Twisted Mutation
You ve slain Esmeralda, the most hideous and aggressive of the mutated rats. No one will know that you almost lost a finger in the process.
Vive la Resistance
You ve always been a rebel - admit it! Supplying prisoners, caring for outcasts, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor - no wait, that was another story.
Way to Hell
This fiery beast really tried to give you hell. But not even a magma crawler can resist a mug of spicy, hot glow wine. Skol!
Yalahari of Power
You defend Yalahar with brute force and are ready to lead it into a glorious battle, if necessary. Thanks to you, Yalahar will be powerful enough to stand up against any enemy.
Yalahari of Wisdom
Your deeds for Yalahar are usually characterised by deep insight and thoughtful actions. Thanks to you, Yalahar might have a chance to grow peacefully and with happy people living in it.
Zzztill Zzztanding!
You wiped Fazzrah away - zzeemzz like now you re the captain.

Grade 2 Achievements
Tibia AchievementTibia Achievement
You re considered a first-rate graduate of the Magic Academy in Edron due to your pioneering discoveries and successful studies in the field of experimental magic and spell development. Ever considered teaching the Armageddon spell?
You ve daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward.
You begin your day by bathing in your pot of gold and you don t mind showing off your wealth while strolling the streets in your best clothes - after all it s your hard-earned money! You prefer to be addressed with Your Highness .
Beak Doctor
You significantly helped the afflicted citizens of Venore in times of dire need. Somehow you still feel close to the victims of the fever outbreak. Your clothes make you one of them, one poor soul amongst the countless afflicted.
Brutal Politeness
What is best in life? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to maybe have a nice cup of tea afterwards.
Champion of Chazorai
You won the merciless 2 vs. 2 team tournament on the Isle of Strife and wiped out wave after wave of fearsome opponents. Death or victory - you certainly chose the latter.
Chitin Bane
You have become competent and efficient in gathering the substance that is needed to fight the hive. You almost smell like dissolved chitin and the Hive Born would tell their children scary stories about you if they could speak.
Culinary Master
Simple hams and bread merely make you laugh. You re the master of the extra-ordinaire, melter of cheese, fryer of bat wings and shaker of shakes. Delicious!
You don t carry that stake just for decoration - you re prepared to use it. Usually you re seen hightailing through the deepest dungeons leaving a trail of slain demons. Whoever dares stand in your way should prepare to die.
Dream Warden
It doesn t matter what noise you would hear... dream, nightmare, illusion - there is nothing you can t vanquish. You are a true Dream Warden.
Elite Hunter
You jump at every opportunity for a hunting challenge that s offered to you and carry out those tasks with deadly precision. You re a hunter at heart and a valuable member of the Paw & Fur Society.
Ender Of The End
You have entered the heart of destruction and valiantly defeated the world devourer. By your actions you have postponed the end of the world - at least for a while.
Exemplary Citizen
Every city should be proud to call someone like you its inhabitant. You re keeping the streets clean and help settling the usual disputes in front of the depot. Also, you probably own a cat and like hiking.
You ve been to places most people don t even know the names of. Collecting botanic, zoologic and ectoplasmic samples is your daily business and you re always prepared to discover new horizons.
Efficient and lethal, you have gained significant experience in fighting the elite forces of the hive. Almost single-handed, you have slain the best of the Hive Born and live to tell the tale.
Follower of Azerus
When you do something, you do it right. You have an opinion and you stand by it - and no one will be able to convince you otherwise. On a sidenote, you re a bit on the brutal and war-oriented side, but that s not a bad thing, is it?
Follower of Palimuth
You re a peacekeeper and listen to what the small people have to say. You ve made up your mind and know who to help and for which reasons - and you do it consistently. Your war is fought with reason rather than weapons.
Friend of the Apes
You know Banuta like the back of your hand and are good at destroying caskets and urns. The sight of giant footprints doesn t keep you from exploring unknown areas either.
Glooth Engineer
Though you may have averted a dire threat for Rathleton, this relative peace may only hold for a while. At least you ve scavenged an outfit from some of the poor fellows that have fallen prey to death priest Shargon.
You have defeated the Snake God s incarnations and, with a final powerful swing of the snake sceptre, cut off his life force supply. The story of power, deceit and corruption has come to an end - or... not?
Golem in the Gears
You re an aspiring mago-mechanic. Science and magic work well together in your eyes - and even though you probably delivered countless wrong charges while working for Telas, you might just have enough knowledge to build your own golem now.
Guardian Downfall
You ended the life of over three hundred Deepling Guards. Not quite the guardian of the Deeplings, are you?
Hat Hunter
You sucessfully fought against all odds to protect your world from an ascending god! - You weren t there for the hat only after all?
High Inquisitor
You re the one who poses the questions around here, and you know how to get the answers you want to hear. Besides, you re a famous exorcist and slay a few vampires and demons here and there. You and your stake are a perfect team.
Hive Blinder
You have put a lot of time and energy into keeping the hive unaware of what is happening on Quirefang. The hive learnt to fear your actions. It would surely crush you with all its might ... if it could only find you!
Honorary Gnome
You accomplished what few humans ever will: you truly impressed the gnomes. This might not change their outlook on humanity as a whole, but at least you can bathe in gnomish respect! And don t forget you re now allowed to enter the warzones!
Hunting with Style
At daytime you can be found camouflaged in the woods laying traps or chasing big game, at night you re sitting by the campfire and sharing your hunting stories. You eat what you hunted and wear what you skinned. Life could go on like that forever.
In Shining Armor
With edged blade and fully equipped in a sturdy full plate armor, you charge at your enemies with both strength and valour. There s always a maiden to save and a dragon to slay for you.
Life on the Streets
You re a beggar, homeless, wearing filthy and ragged clothes. But that doesn t mean you have to beg anyone for stuff - and you still kept your pride. Fine feathers do not necessarily make fine birds - what s under them is more important.
Lord of the Elements
You travelled the surreal realm of the elemental spheres, summoned and slew the Lord of the Elements, all in order to retrieve neutral matter. And as brave as you were, you couldn t have done it without your team!
You have destroyed a significant amount of the hive s vital nerve centres and caused massive destruction to the hive s awareness. You are probably causing the hive horrible nightmares.
Master of the Nexus
You were able to fight your way through the countless hordes in the Demon Forge. Once more you proved that nothing is impossible.
Master of War
You re not afraid to show your colours in the heat of battle. Enemies fear your lethal lance and impenetrable armor. The list of the wars you ve won is impressive. Hail and kill!
Master Thief
Robbing, inviting yourself to VIP parties, faking contracts and pretending to be someone else - you re a jack of all trades when it comes to illegal activities. You take no prisoners, except for the occasional goldfish now and then.
Mystic Fabric Magic
You vanquished the mad mage, you subdued the raging mage - no spellweaving self-exposer can stand in your way. Yet you are quite absorbed in magical studies yourself. This very fabric reflects this personal approval of the magic arts.
Nightmare Walker
You do not fear nightmares, you travel in them - facing countless horrors and fighting the fate they re about to bring. Few believe the dark prophecies you bring back from those dreams, but those who do fight alongside you as Nightmare Knights.
Noblesse Obliterated
After a battle like this you know who your friends are.
Of Wolves and Bears
One with nature, one with wildlife. Raw and animalistic power, sharpened senses, howling on the highest cliffs and roaring in the thickest forests - that s you.
One Thousand and One
You feel at home under the hot desert sun with sand between your toes, and your favourite means of travel is a flying carpet. Also, you can probably do that head isolation dance move.
Out in the Snowstorm
Snow heaps and hailstorms can t keep you from where you want to go. You re perfectly equipped for any expedition into the perpetual ice and know how to keep your feet warm. If you re a woman, that s quite an accomplishment, too.
You re a humble warrior who doesn t need wealth or specialised equipment for travelling and fighting. You feel at home in the northern lands of Zao and did your part in fighting its corruption.
You could be the author of the magnum opus How to Summon the Ultimate Beast from the Infernal Depths, Volume I . Or, if your mind and heart are pure, you rather summon beings to help others. Or maybe just a little cat to have someone to cuddle.
You ve touched all thrones of the Ruthless Seven and absorbed some of their evil spirit. It may have changed you forever.
Skull and Bones
Wearing the insignia and dark robes of the Brotherhood of Bones you roam the lands spreading fear and pain, creating new soldiers for the necromantic army which is about to rise soon. Hail the Brotherhood.
Spolium Profundis
You travelled the depths of this very world. You entered the blackness of the deep sea to conquer the realm of the Deeplings. May this suit remind you of the strange beauty below.
Stomach Ulcer
You severely disrupted the digestion of the hive. The hive should for sure see a doctor. It seems you proved to be more than it can swallow.
A war is won by those who have the best supply of troops. The hive s troops have been dealt a significant blow by your actions. You interrupted the hive s replenishment of troops lastingly and severely.
Ye be a gentleman o fortune, fightin and carousin on the high seas, out fer booty and lassies! Ye no be answerin to no man or blasted monarchy and yer life ain t fer the lily-livered. Aye, matey!
Swift Death
Stealth kills and backstabbing are your specialty. Your numerous victims are usually unaware of their imminent death, which you bring to them silently and swiftly. Everything is permitted.
Top AVIN Agent
You ve proven yourself as a worthy member of the family and successfully carried out numerous spy missions for your uncle to support the Venorean traders and their goals.
Top CGB Agent
Girl power! Whether you re female or not, you ve proven absolute loyalty and the willingness to put your life at stake for the girls brigade of Carlin.
Top TBI Agent
Conspiracies and open secrets are your daily bread. You ve shown loyalty to the Thaian crown through your courage when facing enemies and completing spy missions. You re an excellent field agent of the TBI.
Umbral Archer
You managed to create, improve and transform your bow into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Berserker
You managed to create, improve and transform your hammer into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Bladelord
You managed to create, improve and transform your slayer into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Brawler
You managed to create, improve and transform your mace into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Executioner
You managed to create, improve and transform your chopper into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Harbinger
You managed to create, improve and transform your spellbook into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Headsman
You managed to create, improve and transform your axe into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Marksman
You managed to create, improve and transform your crossbow into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Umbral Swordsman
You managed to create, improve and transform your blade into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world.
Vortex Tamer
After a long journey and dedication you were favoured by fortune and have tamed all three elusive beasts of the vortex. Unless the Vortexion decides you re a tasty morsel you can enjoy your small stable of ravaging beasts from beyond.
You re proficient in the darker ways of magic and are usually found sitting inside a circle of candles and skulls muttering unspeakable words. Don t carry things too far or the demons might come get you.
Warlord of Svargrond
You sent the Obliverator into oblivion in the arena of Svargrond and defeated nine other dangerous enemies on the way. All hail the Warlord of Svargrond!
Way of the Shaman
Shaking your rattle and dancing around the fire to jungle drums sounds like something you like doing. Besides, dreadlocks are a convenient way to wear your hair - no combing required!
Wild Warrior
Valour is for weaklings - it doesn t matter how you win the battle, as long as you re victorious. Thick armor would just hinder your movements, thus you keep it light and rely on speed and skill instead of hiding in an uncomfortable shell.

Grade 3 Achievements
Tibia AchievementTibia AchievementTibia Achievement
Prison Break
Gaz haragoth... a day to remember! Your world accomplished something really big - and you have been part of it!
Umbral Master
You managed to create, improve and transform all kinds of weapons into a master state and have proven yourself worthy in a nightmarish world. Respect!

Grade 4 Achievements
Tibia AchievementTibia AchievementTibia AchievementTibia Achievement
There are currently no achievements of this grade available.
We will add exciting new achievements in future updates, so stay tuned!

Secret Achievements
In addition to the common achievements, there are 164 achievements that you need to discover for yourself. There is no information about these achievements on our website. Keep your eyes and ears open! Maybe you can catch a hint in the game or on the forum.
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