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Lasteds News: Fixes and Changes
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Fixes and Changes

oday we have fixed the following things:

  • Some Werewolves has been added to the caves from Zao and Vengoth.
  • From today all weapons from Svargrond Arena (All levels imbuements) has been fixed. 
  • An issue which disabled the animation of the mouse cursor in open container windows has been resolved.
  • A issue when you exitig from the Store and click to the Store inbox has been fixed, anyway for some reasons if you have a continue crashes please report it on forum.
  • We have fixed an issue in the description of the all Destruction Items.
  • A lot of monsters has been fixed: Loots chances, missing spawns, resistances and speed.
  • A door to continue Rashid Mission's has been fixed and reworked questline.

Have fun in Huntera,
Yours Team

21.03.19 10:04:00
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