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Lasteds News: Fixes and map update
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Fixes and map update

oday we advance the patch of tomorrow to the server save:

  • Added respectives corpses to some monsters from Falcon Bastion, Secret library and Asura palace.
  • Fixed entrance and some stairs from Nigthmare isles.
  • Fixed bug with Exercise Dummys inside Houses and now is wrapeable, also gives 25% more of skill training, and public Dummys now has been fixed.
  • Added respective Damage to the Melting frozen horror from Forgotten Knowledge Quest.
  • Updated NPC Yana.
  • Now the XP Boost changed all prices to 25tc all stages.
  • And we are working to add Feyrist next week, for a moment the underground is ready.

Have fun in Huntera,
Yours Team

30.03.19 21:20:11
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on 16.04.19 13:57:42
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How can i go to feyrist underground? :/

02.04.19 02:54:45
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