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Lasteds News: Map update and bugfixes
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Map update and bugfixes

ello Hunterans the next server save the server have new patch with news things:

-Motta Extension
-Cults of Tibia
-Warzones IV,V,VI
-Daily reward
-And others...

To know more about this new patch we gona explain a bit the news things we added. Daily reward system to get bonuses every day if you connect to the server to play, Motta Extension the new part of the old update we added to give more hunting places for a experienced players, Cults of Tibia the new quest from old verions finally added to gain new gold tokens/silver tokens fighting vs new Bosses, Feyrist surface and Kroazur to get extra Tokens for your imbuements, Warzones IV,V,VI to do tasks and fight vs the harder bosses and win one of the best items on Huntera.

Too we added new hunting spawns: Forbidden Temple (Carlin), Lair of the Treeling WitchEdron Lycanthropes Cave

Also we updating the Prey System to prevent bosses and usless monsters in the list and add the Bonus save for next rerolls, anyaway we ar working to add Feroxa World Change like Real, Nightmare isles World change, Masters voice Quest World change and Guild Balance, Guild Depot separated for Leaders to save Items from bosses.
Thats all for a moment!


Have fun in Huntera,
Yours Team


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