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Lasteds News: Fixes and map update
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Fixes and map update

oday we added changes in the map and other things:

  • Removed Elder Wyrms from Liberty bay caves (for levels 50,80)
  • Removed Minotaur amazon from the first places of North-East Oramond.
  • Added world change for Oramond raids, now the wall regenerate and appear every 40 minutes.
  • Fixed Exevo gran mort spell, nows the wand of darkness can be created without staff.
  • Fixed some items to equip for a differents vocations like Magic sword for Mages.
  • Now Dream Dream Blossom Staff & Butterfly Ring can be droped by Nymph, Pixie, Pooka.
  • Updated Daily Reward shrine offers and stacks.
  • Adjusted cooldown potions 1 second to 0.95 seconds.

Have fun in Huntera,
Yours Team

22.04.19 09:20:57
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