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Lasteds News: Changes and map update
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Changes and map update

ext server save the server have some things changed to do more RPG and map update.

  • The Djinn War - Efreet Faction & The Djinn War - Marid Faction have real prices now and mission works only
    talking to Melchior with "Word of Greeting".
  • Nahlesar now have holidays and Merchant from Black market is back, he have different prices from Djinn's.
  • Added a lot of missing items to the Valindara in Feyrist to sell all stuff.
  • Added missing Npcs to start Quest Cults of tibia and in few weeks we gona open all Bosses access.
  • Reworked Teruul island, now have a depot, training dummys and new caves to explore.
  • The loots, xp rates & damage per second of a few monsters has been changed.


Have fun in Huntera,
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07.05.19 10:55:48
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