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Lasteds News: Fixes and map update
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Fixes and map update

his is the message of the day, we updated a lot of things among one of them Oberon.

  • Oberon has been opened with 1h cooldown.
  • Added Summer & winter palace, Carnivors Cave, Haunted Cellar & Buried Cathedral.
  • Added Six Anniversay Huntera Quest (Exterminator Boss)
  • Fixed a lot of damages/resistances/loot from the new monsters.
  • Fixed exit hole from Elf cults Ab'dendriel
  • A map bug fixes.

This new patch is going to be done with Client 10 and 11 in order to avoid an inconvenience that customer 11 brings, you can play with both one and another client. In a short time we will release version 12 only when we have it fully prepared and optimized.

10.06.19 12:01:03
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