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General Information
World Type: Optional-PvP
Exp Rate:
  • 1 - 8, 18x
  • 9 - 30, 78x
  • 31 - 100, 58x
  • 101 - 200, 38x
  • 201 - 300, 18x
  • 301 - 400, 8x
  • 401 - 1000, 4x
  • 1001, 2x
  • Skill Rate: 10x (20x at Double Event)
    Magic Rate: 6x (12x at Double Event)
    Loot Rate: 2x
    Free bless to level: 50
    Quick looting Unavailable, only by Autoloot System
    Daily reward Avaiable
    Regeneration HP/Mana 5x
    "EDITED" Items Unavailable
    Avaiable Quests more info
    Website no-activity30 days without logging will be start to delete in the website
    Character por Account maximum 20
    Bank Systemavaiable
    Offline Trainingavaiable
    Online Trainingnot avaiable
    Guild hallsrented as if they were houses
    (rented as if they were houses)
    Housesmonthly rent
    (Monthly rents by bank balance)
    Level to buy house100
    Houses30 days without logging lose the house
    Kick Houseautomatic system
    Level to create guild50
    DawnportNot active

    Other Information
    Premium Accountfree
    (free for all)
    Depot Djins Towersmakes it easy to sell loot
    (easy to sell loot)
    Reward Systemcustom
    Promotioncost 20.000 gold coins
    (2 Npcs can promote your character ingame)
    Blessprice of the global
    (150k with full blessings)
    Bless Travelnpcs arround of the map
    (You can use from temple npc to get blessings too)
    Amulet of Loss "Aol"50k cost in npc Eremo
    Rashid Questno changes just in 7 days
    (you can sell your items with +20% price than normal)
    Killing in name of...all tasks are controlled by the Grizzly Adams
    Access released the Hunts
    (free acess to a lot of hunting places)
    Seacrest Grounds, Fiehonja, Zao, Yalahar quarters
    Access released cities
    (Free for all)
    Yalahar, Oramond...
    Magic Carpet Travel to thais from Roshamuul
    (using the carpet like 1000 times you get new achievement)
    Spell Ultimate Lightunlocked for all vocations
    (free for all vocations)
    Spam Filterto max 200 letters/second
    Buy House
    (buy house from the website)
    check commands here
    Destroy Field Runealso removes the wild growth fields
    (you walk on the walls to if you wanna destroy)
    (Ammo not infinite)
    its spent
    RookgaardRookgaard island with new houses
    (new hunting places in Rookgaard)
    Rookgaard Skill Trainersoffline mode using beds
    Black MarketIn thais near depot you have a NPC Merchant. He have amount of offers to sell/buy items but a little cheaper.
    *Note:(Efreet Faction & The Djinn War - Marid Faction NPCs they have real prices to win more money)

    Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
    Ultimate spell you have to learn?

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